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Interstate Movers

Are you thinking about relocating to a different state? Maybe you’re retiring and heading south to a warmer climate, or perhaps you’re moving because your job is taking you across the country. There are lots of reasons for an interstate move, and when you know you’re faced with the challenge of relocating, it can feel overwhelming. One of the most difficult, time-consuming, but important first steps of an interstate move is finding a reputable moving company you can trust with your valued possessions.


At Ian’s Interstate Movers, we take the worry and stress out of finding the best company for your interstate move. We carefully vet each company to ensure they’re not only insured and licensed, but professional and reputable. Take the stress out of finding the best moving company for your interstate move and click on Get Quote. Based on your needs, we’ll provide you with up to four interstate moving quotes so you can get started on planning, budgeting, and organizing your out-of-state move.

How to Move to Another State

When it’s time to plan your move to another state, you have quite a few options. You can try a complete long-distance do-it-yourself (DIY) move. You can pack your possessions, then have a moving company transport them for you. Or, you can enjoy the benefits of a full-service move. With this option the interstate moving company will pack, load, transport, unload, and unpack your household for you while you attend to all the other tasks involved in relocating out-of-state. However, you’d like to your move to go, our moving experts have the flexibility to customize your relocation.


1. Selling Most Things You Own

In addition to distance and labor costs, your interstate move is priced by the weight of your possessions. As the weight adds up so does the price tag on your move. If you want to move everything you currently own, and let’s face it, most of us have a lot of stuff, expect a more expensive state-to-state move.


A great way to keep moving costs under control is to purge your possessions. It’s amazing how good it feels to clean out closets and cupboards. Plus, there are a lot of people who will want your stuff! Consignment stores are always happy to take furniture and home accessories. Garage sales are a great way to get rid of all the things you truly don’t use (while making a few bucks). And donating many of your possessions to a worthy cause can be extremely satisfying.


Consider the floor plan of your new home or office, then make sure the things you want to take with you will fit in your new location. If they won’t fit, won’t look great, you won’t use them, or they don’t ‘bring you joy!’, then it’s time to say sayonara.


2. Renting a Moving Truck

Renting a moving truck might save you some money when compared to hiring movers, but be sure to add up all the additional expenses involved in a DIY move to truly understand your overall costs. You’ll need fuel and lodging en route, which combined with food on-the-road can get expensive. Be sure to check the truck rental company’s long-distance policies. Some rental truck companies will charge a hefty fee if you don’t return the truck to the branch where you originally rented it, while others are more generous with one-way rentals. Also, some rental companies add a surcharge if the drop-off location is remote or overloaded with rental trucks. If you don’t have experience driving a big loaded truck, you may be far more comfortable letting professional movers handle the transport aspect of your move.


3. Tow a Rental Trailer

Rental trailers are useful when you don’t have much to move. Just be sure you have experience towing a trailer behind your own vehicle. You may need to back up the trailer or maneuver it in tight spots; during your move isn’t a good time to learn those skills. Check your manual for towing specifications to make sure your car meets the specs for the trailer you plan to rent. The last thing you want to do is pay for engine repairs because your car wasn’t designed to pull a loaded trailer across state lines.


4. Rent a Portable Storage Container

Portable storage containers give you great flexibility during an out-of-state move. They’re convenient and cost effective. PODs, U Hauls’ UBoxes, 1-800-PackRat, and U-Pack Relo Cubes, are just some of the companies that provide portable moving containers. Their truck will deliver the size pod you specify right to your home or office, then you can pack it at your convenience. Check local codes to make sure your residential area or municipality permits parking the containers either in your driveway or in front of your home or office. Because the containers aren’t climate-controlled, only pack them with belongings that won’t be affected by extreme temperature fluctuations.


5. Hire an Interstate Moving Company

Hiring a moving company is the easiest, least stressful way to move to another state. While at first it may seem an expensive choice, compare a full-service move to the emotional and tangible costs of a DIY move. When moving on your own, you must rent a truck, find friends or family to help you pack and load the truck, drive a heavy loaded vehicle in traffic, pay for fuel and lodging en route, get insurance, and then not only unload, but also unpack your belongings. Whew! That’s a lot to manage when you’re moving long distance and have so many other things on your mind. You can easily understand that you’ll pay a price for the stress, time, and work involved in a DIY move.


Professional interstate movers have the experience and know-how to properly care for your valued belongings. Furniture, appliances, multi-media systems, delicate antiques, collectibles, and fragile items like dish and glassware will fare much better in a long distance move when professionals pad, wrap, load, and transport them. Plus, our movers carry the proper insurance and licensing to cover your belongings if anything should happen to them.


Ian’s Interstate Movers will find reliable, experienced, affordable interstate moving services for you, so you don’t have to worry and fret over your move. There are certain things a moving company can’t do for you that only you can do. You’re swamped with finding a new home or office, selling your old home, getting your kids relocated in their new schools, learning how to maneuver around your new town or city, and finding all the services you’ll need as you acclimate. You’ll be busy enough managing all those details, so consider hiring an interstate mover to efficiently pack, transport, and unpack your belongings. Click on Get Quote and get started!


Transporting Your Vehicle

Out-of-state moves can get complicated, especially when you need to relocate one or more vehicles. Are you planning to tow your car behind a rented moving truck? Be sure to find out if the truck you plan to rent allows you to tow your car. Or, you can choose to have your vehicle professionally moved across state lines by rail or auto transport carrier.


If you feel stressed or challenged about how to get your vehicle to your new home or office, Ian’s Interstate Movers can ease your worries. We’ll provide you with affordable quotes from expert interstate car transport companies, so your vehicle is one less thing to worry about.

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Average Cost of Moving Interstate

According to the American Moving and Storage Association, the typical interstate move costs about $5630. That estimate is based on an average move weight of 7100 pounds over 1200 miles (or, the approximate distance from Birmingham, AL to Boston, MA). If you choose an interstate moving company to handle your relocation, they’ll base your moving costs on three factors: the weight of your shipment, the mileage between your point of origin and destination, and contract labor costs.


At Ian’s Interstate Movers, we’ll provide you with no-obligation quotes from up to four trusted moving companies. After you receive your quotes, you can schedule a time for each of them to come to your home or office. This on-site inspection will determine your total moving costs. Make sure to use this time to inform the moving company’s rep of all your specific relocation needs.


As you plan your interstate moving budget, be sure to bear the following costs in mind:


  • Travel Expenses – If you’re planning on a full-service interstate move than entails meeting your moving van at your new home or office, you’ll need to think about how you’re going to travel to your new destination. If you’ll be flying, start pricing tickets well in advance of your moving date and purchase your tickets as soon as possible. Remember that airline ticket prices are considerably higher during holidays and summer months. If you’re driving to meet your moving van at your new destination, plan on fuel costs, lodging expenses, and food en route. Restaurant food is notoriously expensive. A picnic stop with some fresh air is a terrific way to unwind from your drive, enjoy nature, and save on food costs.
  • Rental Trucks – If you’re budgeting for a DIY out-of-state move, plan for a variety of moving expenses. Go online to comparison shop prices of several rental truck companies. Consider the cost of possibly paying for help loading the truck, especially if you have heavy items to load such as appliances, a large sectional sofa, or other oversize items. Budget for necessary accessories such as hand trucks, furniture pads, packing supplies, and towing equipment. Also plan for expenses like lodging on the road, restaurant and picnic food, fuel costs, incidentals, and insurance.
  • Moving add-ons – If you choose additional moving services such as packing, disassembling and reassembling furniture, or piano or pool table relocation, those costs will be added to your basic state-to-state moving charges. Sometimes items like mattress bags, stretch and bubble wrap, and furniture pads are included in your quote. Make sure you ask your mover about add-on costs.
  • Moving supplies – If you choose an all-inclusive move, the only supplies you’ll need will be for the very specific things you want to pack yourself, plus your ‘essentials’ boxes that you’ll take with you on the plane, train, or in the car. For DIY movers, you’ll need cardboard boxes, plastic bins, bubble wrap, packing paper, furniture pads, marking pens, tape, and a notebook to keep an inventory of what you pack. You’ll probably also need to rent a hand truck to save your back.
  • Your moving date – Your moving costs will depend on the time of year you move. Seventy percent of moves occur between Memorial Day and Labor Day, which increases costs because movers are in high demand. Try to schedule your interstate move during the fall, winter or spring months, and not around major holidays. Most leases start at the beginning of the month and end the last day of the month, so the demand for movers will increase your moving costs during those times as well.
  • Valuation coverage, liability and insurance – Federal law requires interstate movers to provide two different valuation coverage options. ‘Full Value Protection’ covers damage by replacement or reimbursement. Basic ‘Released Value Protection’ covers .60 per pound of cargo liability. Third party insurance is a good idea if you have particularly valuable items. Make sure you save all your moving-related receipts and take photos of valuables before they get packed.
  • Moving quotes – Understanding how interstate moving companies provide estimates will go a long way in helping you accurately budget your move. Initially, a moving company will give you a ‘non-binding estimate’. They do this to give you a ball-park idea of what your move will cost. If you want to continue working with the company, you’ll schedule them come to your home or office, so they can more accurately assess the size and weight of your cargo, calculate add-ons, or the need for contract labor. After the inspection, you’ll be given a ‘not to exceed, binding estimate’. This means your total moving cost won’t exceed the quoted price. The actual cost will be calculated on moving day after your load has been weighed on the truck. Before you sign the paperwork, make sure you are signing a ‘not to exceed, binding’ contract.

Best Cheap Interstate Movers

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Interstate Moving Services

Here are some of the moving services you can book through an Ian’s Interstate moving partner:




Small Load Moves

Maybe you just need to get your piano across country, or you want to relocate the contents of a minimalist apartment. Our moving partners can manage small interstate moves or very heavy, bulky items. To get free moving quotes, just click on Get Quote and we’ll provide you with up to four estimates of what it will cost to move fewer things or select heavier items. The moving industry considers a small load move under 2000 pounds. That can include a studio or small one-bedroom apartment or substantial items such as hot tubs, large safes, pool tables, heavy furniture, or a piano.


Furniture Moving

Our professional out-of-state moving specialists have the skills, tools, and equipment to safely move your furniture. They use quality materials and have the experience to expertly pad, wrap, dismantle, load, and unload your furniture so that it travels safely across state lines and ends up exactly where you want it in your home or office. They can customize any kind of furniture move you have, from handling valuable antiques to disassembling and reassembling large sectionals or office work stations.



Packing for an interstate move is an art. Our movers are trained to carefully pad, wrap, and pack anything in your home, from an antique Tiffany lamp to your in-home theater. You can choose from an array of packing services, from full packing, partial packing, complete owner packing, and unpacking. Of course, full packing services may cost more, but they will considerably free up your time while you attend to other aspects of your move. Partial packing is a great option for saving money because you can pack up clothes, books, and linens, and then leave the fragile or bulky items to the professionals.


Piano Moves

Pianos are treasured instruments that need to be handled with care and experience. You want to make sure your piano is expertly transported, especially when it’s traveling to another state. Our interstate piano movers will dismantle pedal assemblies, legs, and removable parts, then gently wrap them in furniture blankets to ensure their safety. After padding your piano, they’ll strap it securely on a piano dolly to carefully move it from your home to the truck. Our experts know how to deal with stairs, elevators, and other challenges. Once your piano arrives at your new location, it will be set up in exactly the location you wish.


Auto Transport

It’s likely your car is one of the most expensive items you own, so you only want to entrust it to professionals. You may be surprised at how affordable car transport services can be. If you relocate your car yourself, you’re going to pay for lodging, fuel, insurance, food, and other on-the-road expenses. Also, consider the wear and tear of all those miles on your vehicle. Our interstate auto transport specialists are authorized to transport your car, truck or motorcycle anywhere in the US by rail or carrier truck. And of course, all the auto shippers we work with are licensed and insured.


Residential Moves

Moving out of state can be overwhelming and stressful. Our moving companies can manage any kind of interstate residential move, from small studio apartments to extensive country estates. They know how to efficiently navigate stairs, long narrow hallways, or other architectural challenges. Whatever your residential moving needs are, our highly-trained specialists will make sure it’s a worry-free experience. They’ll offer you the highest quality interstate residential relocation services in the moving business. Click on Get Quote so you can receive a no obligation quote that is priced fairly.


Full-Service Moving

We’re proud to offer you the best comprehensive moving options to meet your needs. Find an interstate moving company that can provide you with complete full-service moving solutions. With their own packing supplies in hand, they can completely pack your entire household or office, saving you a bundle of time and stress. Once your belongings are packed, our experts load and pack the truck, unload, and unpack all your possessions, placing them right where you want them. They can even provide any kind of storage you may need during or after your move. A full-service move is the best and easiest way to relocate!


Appliance Moving

Take the worry out of moving your valuable appliances. Our highly trained expert interstate appliance movers use the latest appliance packing and moving techniques to make sure your equipment arrives in the same condition as before your move. Movers consider the weight, size, and shape of the appliance to ensure each piece is moved carefully and professionally. Be sure to empty and clean your appliances a few days before your move, so refrigerators and washers don’t develop mold in transit.


Pool Tables

Your pool table is likely one of the heaviest items you own and is more than daunting to move. It’s not only bulky but requires careful dismantling to get it out of your home and onto the moving truck without damage. At well over 1000 pounds, your table should only be entrusted to professional pool table movers who know how to dismantle, wrap and transport it. Even though the slate top on the common billiard table weighs up to 450 pounds, it’s extremely fragile. If you’re planning to move your pool table on your own, gather a good strong team of friends and family members who can patiently help you dismantle, wrap, and load it on the moving truck. But if you must navigate stairs, narrow hallways, or cramped doorways, hiring professionals to move your pool table is well worth the investment.



It’s tricky to pack and transport art. Extra care is required to pad and wrap framed art because it’s often under glass. Oil paintings require specialized wrap because plastic wrap can damage the painting surface. Sculptures need special padding and wrapping, especially when pieces are especially delicate or large. In certain circumstances, art must be crated to properly protect it during transport. Whatever the type of art you need to move, Ian’s Interstate Movers will provide you with quotes from professional art relocation specialists who know how to transport valuable art long distances.

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