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Temporary storage can solve some of the complications that arise when you’re planning an interstate move. Maybe your old home sells before your new home is ready. Will you need temporary storage while you’re renovating the kitchen in your new home? Will your office lease end before your new lease starts? Whatever your temporary storage needs are, our interstate movers have warehouses specifically for the purpose of safely and securely holding your items during your move. While you’re flooded with things to do to get ready for your move, don’t worry about finding safe temporary storage. Just click on Get Quote and Ian’s Interstate Movers will provide you with estimates from up to four interstate moving companies who have extensive storage-in-transit solutions for you.

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How Storage-in-Transit Works

When you’re moving out of state, but not ready to receive delivery of your items at your new home or office, your interstate mover can arrange convenient storage-in-transit. SIT isn’t long-term storage – it’s short term storage of your possessions while your move is underway. It’s far easier to let your movers store designated items rather than trying to find a long-distance self-storage space on your own, especially when you only need it temporarily. Your moving company will organize your specified items in their warehouse then deliver them to you when you’re ready for them. This is a much less time-consuming option since your mover is already managing your interstate move. Plus, SIT can streamline your move because you’ll only have one contract for the move and the storage. Preparing for your moving day and knowing whether you’ll need storage-in-transit, will help you have a clearer understanding of your moving costs when you talk to your moving company. Storage-in-transit is convenient, and you can be assured your belongings will be safe until you’re ready for them.



Our partners know that your belongings are precious to you. Clean storage is critical when you’re warehousing your possessions. It doesn’t take much time for pests and dirt to infiltrate your boxes, set up home in your upholstered furniture, or start munching on your wood pieces. Ian’s Interstate Movers only works with the best movers who are fastidious about maintaining clean, pest and dust-free storage so your belongings remain safe and clean.



Security is critical for your peace of mind. That’s why our interstate moving partners pride themselves on providing warehouse space that is secure 24 hours a day. Before warehousing, your belongings will be inventoried to make sure each item stored is accounted for and delivered when you’re ready. You may be able to access items with an appointment, but typically warehouse storage doesn’t allow open access as you would have with self-storage.


Professional Packing

Our experts can pack anything from your vintage seashell collection to your snazzy home theater. They’ll professionally pack the items for SIT so that upon delivery, your items will be in the same condition as they were before leaving your home. Ian’s Interstate Movers will connect you with professional packers who can handle all phases of packing for you, freeing you up concentrate on all the other demands of your move. Click Get Quote to get started.


Designated Shelf Space

Be assured that your possessions won’t be mixed in with those of other customers in the warehouse. Your possessions will remain packed in their original boxes, and your furniture will be protected in stretch wrap to shield it from dirt and dust. Then, all your belongings will be placed in security containers that are stacked on heavy-duty steel shelving. All your things stay together. Picture clean, tightly sealed, super-safe protection for your stuff.

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