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Planning for a successful long-distance move is demanding, time-consuming, and requires systematic organization. One of the most tedious and stressful aspects of an interstate move is getting all your household or office items safely packed. When you’re immersed in all the hectic activities of family and work, how will you find the time to pack? Even working full-time at it, packing an entire household could take days, if not weeks. A professional packing service can save you not only precious time but needless stress and worry. The easiest and quickest way to find dependable professional movers and packers near you is to click on Get Quote. Then Ian’s Interstate Movers will connect you with licensed insured packing pros who will give you your precious time back so you can focus on all the other important aspects of your move.

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Professional Packing Services

Depending on your budget you may want an all-in-one moving service, or you might just want help with packing some essentials. Choose the level of service you desire:


Full Pack

Packing is one of the most protracted moving jobs. Getting everything organized, wrapped, and placed snuggly in boxes takes hours upon hours. Free up your time and hire full-service packers to bundle up your entire home or office. Knowing how to properly pad and wrap delicate items such as china, crystal, glassware, art, and antiques, is a job that professionals are trained to do.


Partial Pack

If budgetary constraints don’t allow for a full-service move, our expert movers and packers can provide partial packing services for you. You can pack up the easy stuff like clothes, linens, and books, then our experts can tackle more difficult items to pack such as electronics, art, and delicate items. Or you can choose to have certain rooms packed. Kitchens can be tedious to pack because many items like dishes and glassware are fragile and require careful padding and wrapping before boxing. Our experts can professionally pack up your kitchen or any specific part of your household to make your move easier and less stressful.


Single Items

Typical households have at least one or two big, heavy items that are not only bulky but fragile. While you may be packing up your home on your own, you’ll want professionals to dismantle, properly pad, transport, unload, and set up your piano. Professionals with know-how are also the best choice to disassemble and move your pool table. You’ll crave a good long soak in your hot tub after your move, so you’ll want experienced movers who know how to dismantle the plumbing, properly protect the fragile finish on the tub, move it, and reassemble it, so it’s ready for use immediately after your move.


Specialty Crating

You may have specialty items that require custom crates to protect them during a move. Wooden crates are custom built specifically for items such as art, antiques, marble statues, chandeliers, and large sculptures. Particularly valuable or fragile items are best shipped in a crate because they’re padded or strapped inside to make sure they remain stationary throughout transit. Once the crate is delivered to your home or office, the item is removed and placed where you specify, and the crating materials are carted off by the shipping company.


Premium Packing Supplies

While many items, like clothes, linens, and books, can withstand miles in the back of a moving truck, most of the other items in your home or office require careful packing. You can’t throw your vintage lamp in a box and expect it to survive the many miles of your move unharmed. Professional interstate movers pride themselves in using clean packing paper, bubble wrap, stretch wrap, sturdy clean boxes with lids, and strong packing tape. They also have clean moving blankets, wardrobe boxes with rails, mattress bags, and other specialty packing materials to customize your move. Ian’s Interstate Movers will connect you with movers who only use premium packing supplies for your move.

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How to Pack for an Interstate Relocation

Whether you choose full-service packing, partial packing, or are planning a DIY move, decide on the type of packing that best meets your needs so you can start planning and organizing your move as early as possible. Follow these helpful tips as your start packing your household:


  • Book your mover as soon as you can. Moving companies book up quickly for holidays and summer months and are more expensive during those times because of the demand. You’re more likely to have them pack on your schedule if you book early.
  • Purge before you move. Interstate movers charge by the total weight of your belongings. It doesn’t make sense to pay to move things that you’ll just toss out or sell once you’ve unpacked and settled in. Have a yard sale, take furniture and home accessories to your local consignment store or donate belongings to a local charity. Your proceeds can help offset some of your moving expenses.
  • Start packing ASAP. If you’re planning a DIY move, start packing all your unneeded items as soon as possible. You’ll be much happier living with full boxes than feeling stressed out at the last-minute wondering how you’re going to get everything packed before moving day.
  • Gather the supplies. Professional packers will supply all packing materials for full service moves, however if you’re planning a DIY or partial packing move, you’ll need packing supplies. Be sure to gather your materials before you start packing. Nothing is more frustrating than being ready to pack up your kitchen, then realizing you don’t have enough boxes. Make sure you have plenty of clean boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap for delicate items, tape, and marking pens before you start packing.
  • Keep ‘essentials’ with you. There are some items you’ll need from the time you start packing until well after your move. Items you need daily, like medication, laptops, chargers and toiletries, should be packed in an ‘essentials’ box. Other ‘essential’ items are valuable or irreplaceable items such as legal documents, passports, banking documents, and birth certificates. Be sure to clearly label your ‘essentials’ box so it doesn’t accidently get loaded on the moving truck.
  • Use a system as you pack. Clearly label every box you pack. Don’t just label the category, list what’s inside. You may feel a bit frustrated taking the time to label the contents of each box, but you’ll thank yourself when you’re unpacking. You’ll want to unpack basics first. Rather than fishing through boxes that are labeled ‘kitchen’ to find your frying pan, you’ll find it quickly when you see ‘Kitchen: pots and pans’ on the box.
  • Create an inventory. If you’re opting for a full-service move, your movers will inventory all your possessions for you. However, if you’re doing a DIY or partial pack move, be sure to inventory your belongings. Should anything get lost or damaged, having a list of items can help you if you need to file an insurance claim. The easiest way to inventory is to maintain a spiral notebook where you list box numbers and the contents of each box. Or, you can download an app to your phone. An inventory is essential if you’re going to be storing some or all of your belongings. You have a lot on your mind during a move and it’s just too easy to forget what’s in all those boxes once they’re out of sight.

Save yourself the stress of packing with pro movers and packers from Ian’s Interstate Movers network. From partial packs to full-service moves, these interstate movers make light work of the chore of packing. Get a free quote now using the Get Quote button!

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