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Protect your significant furniture investment and make sure your pieces are moved safely. With experience and the right equipment, our interstate furniture moving experts are trained to protect your investment. They know how to navigate your pieces through doorways, stairs, and tight corners without damaging your furniture or your surroundings. They’re also experts at loading your furniture on the moving van to make each piece is safely secured throughout transit. Our interstate furniture movers can customize your furniture moving needs, from white glove handling of your antiques, to moving your pool table from Poughkeepsie to Palm Springs. With the considerable investment you have in your furniture, you want to make sure it arrives at your new location damage-free.

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Interstate Furniture Moving Services

From start to finish, your team of furniture shipping experts will ensure your prized pieces are cared for well. You can leave everything to the pros:


Wrapping and Packing

Professional furniture movers arrive at your home prepared to safely move your furniture out-of-state. They have the materials and experience it takes to dismantle, pad, wrap, and load your furniture, so it is completely protected on every step of the move. Your furniture can be badly damaged if it isn’t properly wrapped and packed. Once your furniture has arrived at your new destination, your moving team unloads, unwraps, and then places each piece exactly where you want it. Plus, they’ll remove all packing materials and debris so you can get started enjoying your new home!


Disassembly and Reassembly

Large sectionals, beds, home theaters, bookcases, and office work stations often need disassembly before being padded and wrapped. All parts are bagged and labeled. This process ensures your furniture’s safe transport, but also creates more room in the moving truck when movers are loading your household or office. Your movers will make sure anything that was disassembled at your old home or office is carefully reassembled in your new place.


Wood Crating

Some items can be safely moved only if they’re padded and packed in custom-built wooden crates. Delicate items that have an unusual shape or are just too heavy to safely move in a cardboard box should be crated. The crate will be custom built at your home or office to make sure it’s the perfect size to protect your items. Large paintings and sculpture, some large musical instruments, and specialized work equipment are examples of items that need to be crated.


Pick-Up, Moving & Delivery

Sometimes it’s not a household that you want to move, but a single specialty item. You purchased an antique armoire in Boston and want it picked up, moved, and delivered to San Antonio. You’d like your mid-century modern couch picked up in Albuquerque and delivered to your brother’s home in Montana. We can provide you with quotes that will meet your specific pick-up, moving and delivery needs.


Furniture Storage

Life always serves up surprises. It’s amazing how often the need for storage pops up during an interstate move. Maybe your new condo hasn’t closed escrow, but you need to move out of your old house right away. Our interstate moving companies have a wide variety of storage solutions to take the stress out of situations like this when you’re moving. From whole house storage to specialized requirements, such as temperature control for your wine collection during your long-distance move, count on Ian’s Interstate Movers to find you exactly the storage you need, when you need it.


Office Furniture

From single office to large corporate moves, Ian’s Interstate Movers will connect you with professional movers who will relocate your office furniture expertly and efficiently so you can get back to business sooner than later. Our moving partners know how to dismantle and reinstate complicated computer systems, modular office suites, and specialized office furniture such as huge conference tables and document storage systems. Whatever your office furniture relocation needs are, our experienced professionals can move it for you.


White Glove Handling

Antiques, vintage pieces, and valuable items often require extra special care during a move. White glove handling is essential for irreplaceable piece or high-end items. This service costs more but offers the highest level of furniture handling service available. Specially trained white glove handlers will pick up, disassemble if necessary, move, deliver, and assemble your furniture inside your home or office. They’ll also crate valuable items that are too large or heavy for traditional moving methods. If you have some special furniture that needs extra special care, ask for a quote on white glove handling.


Specialty Items

This category includes pool tables, pianos, and safes. Big, bulky, heavy items can also be delicate and fragile. Pool tables’ heavy but delicate slate tops require knowledgeable care when being moved. While exceptionally heavy, pianos are delicate instruments that require moving by trained professionals. Gun safes, vault, and vintage safes can weigh from 100 to 1000 pounds and although they’re not delicate, they sure do require expert movers who know how to deal with immense weight.

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State-to-State Furniture Moving and Storage Tips

Professional interstate movers move furniture for a living. They have the skills and techniques to make your furniture move go smoothly. Whether you’re packing, moving or storing your furniture on your own or prefer to hire a moving company, follow these professional moving and storage tips to save stress and worry.


  • Plan well ahead. A long-distance move is one of life’s major events. With so much to think about and get done, your move will be far less stressful if you list everything that needs to be done. There’s nothing more satisfying than having a checked off to-do list!
  • Check licensing and insurance. If you’re hiring an interstate mover, make sure they’re FMCSA licensed and insured. You’ll save valuable time by letting Ian’s Interstate Movers find an interstate furniture mover for you. We only work with FMCSA licensed, insured, reliable movers. Just click Get Quote to get started!
  • Understand your insurance. Check your mover’s coverage, especially if you have valuable antiques or high-end custom furniture. Foul weather, accidents, and other unforeseen circumstances can cause damage to your furniture, so make sure your investment is covered.
  • Assess what fits and what goes. Before you start thinking about moving your furniture, assess which pieces will fit in your new home or office. If it turns out that a large sectional covers a doorway after you move, you may want to consider selling it before going to the expense of moving it and then finding it doesn’t fit.
  • Gather packing materials. Your furniture is going to travel a long distance, so make sure each piece is properly wrapped. Pad sharp corners before wrapping the entire piece. Prevent scratches, rub marks, rips, and dents by carefully wrapping your furniture and securing it tightly on the moving truck. You’ll need packing paper, bubble wrap, cling wrap, furniture blankets, and packing tape. Be sure to save your back and use a sturdy hand truck and a mattress sling.
  • Disassemble legs when possible. The step makes furniture a lot easier to get through doorways, hallways, and stairs, plus saves a lot of extra room on the truck or in storage. Be sure to wrap each leg and label parts for reassembly. Bookcases with removable shelving, large beds, sofa and table legs, and dresser or vanity mirrors should be disassembled and wrapped.
  • Inventory your furniture. There’s so much on your mind when you move that it’s easy to forget the little details. Inventory your furniture, especially if you’re planning to put it in storage for any length of time. Also, an inventory is invaluable if you need to process a claim for damage or loss with your mover.
  • Save your back. Once you’ve carefully wrapped your furniture, it’s time to get it from your house or office to the truck. Professionals use special techniques. They hook chairs and sofas around doorways and stand couches on end to move through doorways and hallways. They save their backs by using lifting straps, furniture dollies, slides, mattress slings, and ramps for stairs. When in doubt, just living the heavy lifting to a qualified furniture moving company.
  • Storage. When loading your furniture into storage, you’ll save space by placing large furniture items at the back. Be sure to leave a path in the middle of the unit, so you can access your possessions without having to climb over and possibly damage items. Wrap your furniture in furniture pads for long-term storage, not plastic. The last thing you want is to unwrap your comfy leather chair and find it covered in mold.

The easiest way to move your furniture is to call on professional assistance from our Ian’s Interstate Movers network. We’ve already found you the best furniture movers in the industry, so what are you waiting for? Get you free quote now.

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