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10 Items Your Interstate Movers Can’t Take on the Truck

Most movers are very flexible and do everything they can to make their move easy. Occasionally, however, they draw the line to keep you and your belongings secure. For this reason, there are some items that your movers will not take on the truck.

Below is a list of some of the items that are likely on your movers’ “do not move” list. If you have any of the following items, ask your movers if you can expect help with moving them or not.

1. Valuables

Of course, your movers prefer that your valuables stay with you, so you do not lose them. You may consider bringing your jewelry collection or precious objects in the car or on the plane with you. If you have a large collection of valuables or you are concerned about carrying them on your person, consider shipping. There is no perfect option for transporting valuables, but they must make it cross country one way or another.

Ask your movers about their policies on moving jewelry, cash, and other irreplaceable items. Discuss their insurance policy and what it covers.

2. Priceless Belongings

Insurance can’t help much with those things that money can’t buy. Expensive items are not the only things worth keeping safe. Movers do not like to load valuable memorabilia such as wedding albums or family heirlooms. These things are unique, and if anything happens to them, an insurance payment won’t make you feel much better.

Do you have invaluable family heirlooms or precious memories? How about fine china passed down from your great grandparents? Talk to your movers about whether they would be willing to move these belongings or not. For your peace of mind, you may choose to keep them with you.

3. Personal Items and Documents

Of course, you will probably want to keep personal affects like your wallet and passport with you, as they are necessary for travel. However, moving day gets crazy, and people do accidentally leave these things behind. Set those things aside now in a special place.

This holds true for all important documents. Know the locations of your deeds, social security cards, licenses, and certifications. Movers do not wish to move anything that is difficult to replace.

4. Dangerous Objects

Movers won’t load anything dangerous onto their truck. They do not want hazardous items damaging the rest of your possessions or their equipment. Dangerous items include the following, among others:

  • Lighter fluid
  • Fireworks
  • Matches
  • Oil
  • Gas

It is better to throw away dangerous objects and replace them later rather than risk damage to the rest of your belongings. Some hazardous items are illegal to move, while others are simply a bad idea. Think carefully as you pack up your things and toss hazards before the movers arrive.

5. Guns

Most movers will not transport guns due to their safety policies. To learn more about the best ways to move your firearms, see our article that covers this topic. We discuss the best ways to fly and drive safely with your firearms.

6. Ammunition

Laws prevent movers from transporting your ammunition. Learn how to store your ammo properly and transport it safely yourself. Usually, driving your ammunition is the right idea. You can also check your ammunition at the airport if it is properly packed.

7. Toxic Chemicals

Get rid of any and all chemicals that may spill and cause serious problems on the truck. Movers will not transport bleach, gas, aerosols, paint cans, ammonia, or nail polish remover. Not only are they combustible and flammable, but the fumes are dangerous, and leakage would be harmful.

8. Food Perishables

Many movers will pack food items for you, so long as they are tightly packed and non-perishable. If your food items might mold or go bad before arriving at your new home, it’s best not to move them at all. In addition, some movers may prefer not to move things in glass jars and other things that can shatter, crack, or leak. Since food items are heavy, it’s best to plan on eating most items in your fridge and pantry before the move.

9. Precious Pets

Your movers cannot move your pets on their moving trucks. Your pet will have to ride with you for their safety, of course! It is always better for your pet to have your loving supervision. You don’t want them getting overheated or hurt during the ride. Your movers don’t want or them panicking due to unfamiliar surroundings.

Other ways to transport pets include flying or driving with you. There are pet transport services as well, if you prefer for someone else to bear the responsibility. Research all the possibilities before making an educated decision. Driving takes a lot of prep and some planning, but it is usually the best way to transport your pet to a new state!

10. Plants

Moving companies will not transport your houseplants. So, if you want to move your beloved ficus or that fiddle leaf fig, you’ll have to drive them yourself. We have an entire article covering transporting plants across state lines to help you out!

Round up all your precious memorabilia, firearms and ammunition, personal documents, and valuable belongings. Keep them together and with you. Find a way to move your beloved pets safely and get rid of those dangerous or toxic items! Your interstate movers can handle the rest!

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